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Memories of today for the future

How will people in 2108 view our time? Will they look at the first decade of the twenty-first century as the time when we finally realized the damage our fossil fuel addiction is doing the environment and acted to find alternatives, or will they point to the inactions in this decade as the cause for the apocalyptic time they live in?

It’s impossible to say what life will be like in a hundred years, when Hermosa Beach celebrates its bicentennial http://levitrakamagra.com/. But if anyone is still around to celebrate it, the time capsule buried under Pier Plaza in January will at least give them some clues to what we did here in 2008. According to an article in the Easy Reader, the time capsule holds items such as photos, a cell phone, a lawn bowling ball, and a DVD with an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. I bet the latter item will puzzle them.

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